Why Doctors Need Social Media

Doctor sitting at his desk updating his social media profile from his tablet.

If you’re joining a new practice, or starting your own, the number one thing you need is patients. In the past, a potential patient needed one thing to find a new practice -- the phone book. Now, the ‘phone book’ is online for everyone to see. As more people move towards using social media not just as a personal platform, but as a search tool, is your practice keeping up?

Social Media and Dr. YOU!

No matter what your business is, you need to be on social media, and a medical practice is no exception. A survey of 4,000 physicians conducted by the social media site QuantiaMD showed 90% of physicians used some form of social media for personal use, while only 65% used social media for business purposes. While those numbers may seem high on the surface, it is unclear whether or not the business accounts were considered active and growing accounts. So, why would you want to make sure your business account is active? According to a paper originally published by Triangle Physician Magazine:

  • One-third of consumers now use social media sites for health-related activities;
  • 40% of consumers have sought out reviews of treatments, physicians, and other patient experiences;
  • 45% of consumers say information from social media sources would affect their decisions.

Word-Of-Mouth, with a Really BIG Mouth

When moving or starting a new practice, your priority will be to retain those patients you had at your previous practice. But after that, how do you acquire new patients? Sure, it’s likely your established patients will help promote your new business by what’s called “word-of-mouth,” but as you would expect, their reach is fairly limited, especially in high-population areas.

It’s all about increasing your numbers. The fastest, and most cost effective way to reach the highest amount of consumers is through social media. Remember the one-third of consumers using social media for health-related activities? You can find potential patients based on geography, age, recent searches, etc. Once found, launching targeted ads and posting interesting and engaging content daily will increase your brand awareness and recognition.

Today, people are more willing to engage (writing reviews, asking questions, etc.) with businesses through their social media accounts. If you nurture this engagement through responsiveness, that will spread and encourage others to take note. You also remember the 45% of consumers who look to social media for reviews, right? That 45% are also looking for an outlet to ask questions, make appointments, etc. Why would any business want to ignore 45% of a consumer base?

A Little Social Media Investment Goes A Long Way

With a little bit of time and digital elbow grease, you can build your social media presence and increase your brand awareness and brand recognition. A side effect of a better social media presence is increased rankings on the most popular search engines. (Because if you’re past Page 2 in Google, are you even ON Google?) But, running a medical practice takes a lot of work, leaving little time to contribute to building your social media presence. Here’s where Marketing as a Service comes to save the day.

At Effectivo.Social, we specialize in creating an engaging and welcoming social space for your current and potential new patients, at a price you can afford. Our specialized team of social media experts will get to know your practice so your message and values are clear and on-brand.

Need more convincing on why your practice needs social media? Drop us a line, or give us a call. Honest answers, no strings attached!

Jeff Mendelson
Jeff Mendelson
Jeff is the CEO and Founder of Effectivo.Social, a done-for-you Social Media content creation and strategy company, specializing in tailoring your Social Media Marketing Strategy specifically for your brand and your audience. Follow us on Twitter