Social Media Mistakes You Should Never Make

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As a brand, the way you present yourself is important. Whether you’re an established brand, or just starting out, all businesses on social media need to uphold a level of professionalism, while still feeling somewhat personal to the consumer - not an easy feat. Here are some of the top social media marketing offenses you should avoid!

Not Engaging With Your Audience

Social media is now a crucial, if not the most crucial, form of communication between consumers and brands. If the brand doesn’t engage in the consumer conversation, positive or negative, it will affect the way the brand is seen. The best investment you can make in your business and brand is community outreach and making sure customer concerns are heard in as timely a manner as possible. If you need time to develop a response, a simple “Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into it and get back to you soon,” will let the customer know they are being heard. But, the most important thing to do is actually get back in touch, otherwise you risk the consumer associating your business with empty promises. Bottom line, don’t just listen to your consumers, let them know they’ve been heard.

Treating All Platforms Equally

Every social media platform is different and should be treated differently, so tailor your content to each platform. For example, you probably wouldn't post the latest company news on Instagram, and you probably wouldn't post cute customer photos on LinkedIn. You should also be aware of the demographics and language of each platform. For instance, the average consumer age will be higher on Facebook than on Snapchat, so talk to them as such. When you have great content, but don’t communicate it effectively across the board, it’s all show and no go.

Using Social Media As a Sales Page

Yes, social media is there to show off your products and/or services. No question. But, if the only content you’re putting out there is promotional discounts, product sales, etc., you miss out on getting valuable feedback from your consumers. When your content starts to look like spam, your consumers lose interest and you start to lose consumers. Include your consumers in product development, tech advances, and company updates. Not only will you create brand recognition, you build consumer trust.

Not Creating a Strategy

Some people can wing a good speech, but when it comes to brand content, stick to a strategy. A social media strategy allows you to set your goals, measure them, and see where you can improve for the future. Having set expectations on what channels you use for your business, what content is appropriate for your brand, and how you interact with your consumers will keep you on message and help to avoid any missteps that might happen along the way.

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Jeff Mendelson
Jeff Mendelson
Jeff is the CEO and Founder of Effectivo.Social, a done-for-you Social Media content creation and strategy company, specializing in tailoring your Social Media Marketing Strategy specifically for your brand and your audience. Follow us on Twitter